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To care for your Fab Slab cutting board, simply wash it with hot soapy water after each use, then dry it and store it away. When it appears dry, lightly oil it with an edible oil such as grapeseed oil. However, there are things to avoid: don't put it in the dishwasher, leave it in the sun, or soak it in water. Additionally, there is no need to rub salt or lemon into the board. Fab Slabs boards are naturally antibacterial and do not require salt or lemon to kill germs.

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Production Value

At Fab Slabs, we utilize state-of-the-art solar kilns to kiln dry our own timber, which can accommodate around 7500 boards simultaneously. This drying process is vital in maintaining the stability of the timber, preventing issues such as cracking, warping, twisting, cupping, and mold growth. By using kiln-dried timber, we can ensure that our cutting boards are crafted from a single slab, guaranteeing the stability of the finished product. Unlike other manufacturers, Fab Slabs does not use multiple pieces of laminated timber to create our core line of cutting boards, instead relying on the quality of our kiln-dried Camphor Laurel.

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  • "I am so impressed with this company. I ordered my items during the busiest time of year during Christmas yet, they were able to ship wihin a day. The best thing about them is when you call the number on their website, a person actually answers. When I received the items, I was so pleased with the quality. The boards are substantial and beautifully made."

  • "Very nice cutting board, beautiful wood and is holding up well. I have had it for almost a year. I find the size very convenient for cutting all kidns of vegetables or meats. It is sturdy but not too heavy to lift with one hand as so many other similar or larger boards are. I also like the engraved branding on the board, it is tasteful but gives it a nice personalized touch."

  • "These FabSlabs are seriously worth every penny. The amazing wood smell that radiates from the box immediately upon opening reminded me of camping. Feels natural and very good quality. I am proud to have it on my table. I bought two of them and they work amazing for a great price. I plan on using them for charcuterie boards at my next event."