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Wood Cutting Board

Wood Cutting Board

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Introducing our wood cutting boards. Now available in 3 different sizes: 16, 18" and 20"

With products distributed across Australia, the USA, China, Taiwan, Japan, New Zealand, The Middle East, UK and Europe, Fab Slabs holds the title for Australia's largest manufacturer of kiln dried Camphor Laurel cutting boards. Remarkably, our boards remain bacteria-free even after a decade of use, setting us apart from all other companies worldwide.

Our cutting boards are 100% Australian-made and boast natural, permanent antibacterial properties, with no use of glues, joins or chemicals in production. Each board is crafted from a single solid slab of timber, resulting in a one-of-a-kind piece with unique color, grain, and character. They are also gentle on knives and eco-friendly.

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